The Company

iQube is an Applied Computer Science Research & Development Company that aims to provide solutions to challenges that are locally relevant using state-of-the-art technologies.

iQube is made up of a team of multi-talented researchers, web and mobile application developers, graphics designers, network engineers and more. We love solving challenging software problems that require the application of fundamental principles in Computer science and Mathematics statistics. We provide custom software solutions to companies and individuals based on their needs, tailored to make day-to-day work easier.

Asides solving local problems using technology tools, iQube has been in the business of human resources trainings for companies and career development for individuals in the information technology industry and related fields. iQube has team of coaches and tutors that train individuals in a well structured environment from anywhere in the world. This is due to a philosophy that iQube believes in that given the right skill set and environment, a willing individual can accomplish great results.