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Tired of  squinting your eyes to read recharge pins to load up your phone  or mixing up digits when trying to recharge your airtime or you are looking for more convenient ways of recharging when network is down ?

              Introducing ARecharge!!!  Here, ARecharge does the work for you.

All you need to do is just pick up your phone,scratch that voucher card, point your camera and recharge your phone without typing the  recharge code. You don’t need need to cram those *555*….#, *123*…#,  e.t.c again! Just point your camera appropriately and Voila……. You get value – in time, in cash and in resources. Life isn’t ideal and so we at iQube strive at bringing technology driven comfort to you at little cost.


ARecharge is an Optical Character Recognition project currently developed for Android phones, it’s currently in its Alpha stage. It’s a project that takes away the stress that comes with typing long confusing digits while trying to recharge your phone; especially the multiple trials as a result of missing a digit -which may eventually lead to blocking of your sim card.


ARecharge implements adaptive preprocessing algorithms that are very robust to reasonable variations. As a result, ARecharge can still focus on the recharge digits under “not so good” lightening situations. ARecharge implements Tesseract OCR Engine, as a result,it is fast, very stable and reliable. ARecharge also has a functionality that helps stabilize your camera, thereby reducing any errors that can come from camera instability. ARecharge is light in processing and very easy to use. Its a project that underscore the computer vision strength at iQube labs.


How ARecharge works:

  • User starts the application and camera launches.

  • ViewFinder is focused on the PIN area of an already scratched voucher

  • App automatically detects which operator network it is and makes the USSD request to the corresponding service provider.

  • A confirmation message will be displayed to the user.

  • The application can optionally allow custom free and premium content be downloaded to the user.

    • Supported contents includes, audio, video and picture files. (This could be part of a promotion and  could be adapted to suit Network Operator).

    • The application can be structured to allow the content to be downloaded only when the camera is focussed on the content provider’s target (e.g only when the camera is focussed on a recharge card)


A little Bit of the internal processing:

1. Image acquired   

2. Preprocessing      

3. Extraction [23460707184]

4. Automatic  Network detection

5. Loading of pin

As stated earlier, the product is still in Alpha statge, we would be happy to provide interested clients with more demonstration of the current capabilities.

Thank You!


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