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Redbank is a platform for hospitals and patients to find blood quickly through SMS. It’s a location-aware application that leverages on the power of Short Message Service (SMS), to make blood available to hospitals or individuals that request for them using SMS. These SMS requests are intelligently routed to the nearest blood bank that has the specific blood type in the inventory, based on the inventory data collected daily from these blood banks. This way, it ensures that up-to-date requests are met by up-to-date availability in real time and with ease, especially in emergency and critical situations.

How it Works

● Blood banks update their inventory records daily with the amount of blood and

type of blood pint they currently have as well as the ones they have sold.

● Hospitals / patients in need of blood in emergency cases send an SMS in the

following format:

‘BLD, blood group, blood pints needed, LGA, State’

e.g BLD,AB+, 2,Alimosho to 35070

The Process

Data Portal Login


Inventory Records


SMS Response for a Blood Sample request



Project Stage

Redbank is fully operational.


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