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The SelfieVS is an event-targeted application for taking colorful pictures and videos filtered in real time. Selfie VS  has three major modes, which are Picture mode, Video mode, and Picture and Video Mode. Picture mode consists of several “views” of the camera input each with a unique filter applied. The pictures are taken after a countdown. In Video mode, the application records a short “shout-out” video in any selected filter. In Video and Picture mode, the application takes several randomly filtered pictures while a video recording is going on. The complete event experience includes options to also view captured pictures and videos in form of slideshows during events and also download them during or after the event. The technologies used include, Qt Framework, C++ programming language, OpenCV library

here are some of the screenshots;

Picture Mode

Video Mode


Project Stage

The MVP is completed, several improvements are being made to both the software and the website. Demos are being carried out at various events








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