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Frequently Asked Questions

P2MU is a recommendation-based Social Network application that helps you find and connect with new persons based on your specific interests. It can be seen as a medium of connecting strangers with common interest (connecting like minds). You get recommended by people who know your works. The more recommendations you get, the more your reputation and the higher your search ranking.
Current social networks help connect you or make you keep in touch with people you already know. We have decided to extend that functionality by creating a new social network that helps connect you to people you never knew but you are looking for you.
P2MU also available on for different platforms including but not limited to Blackberry, Symbian, Android, S40 Series, and Mobile Web (with HTML5 and CSS3 supported mobile browser). Follow this link on your device to enjoy the service!
We are glad you asked. Of course you can recommend yourself. In addition, to recommend yourself, all you need to do is simply enter your details on the recommend Someone page and Recommend! However, the more you recommend yourself, the less your ranking on the search results.
Telling your friend about the P2MU application has been made easy. All you need is to go to the tell your friend menu and enter the details of your friend including his phone number. selecting send will immediately invite your friend through SMS.
By "Connections" we mean searching for all P2MU users with tags similar or closer to your tags. This searches for users which are strongly connected to you by their personal tags. This helps you stay connected to users of your kind of personality, occupation, skills, location etc.
Yes, your personal contacts including your phone number is very secured. Only your friends whose L2MU (Like 2 Meet yoU) request has been accepted by you will have access to such personal details. However, when they search, your tags and names entered in the profile are displayed.